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Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Yesterday was a blast. We started rehearsing at 3pm and shot at 11pm. There happened to be a wedding in the location which added a certain tension to the whole proceedings, and apparently quite a few people thought we really were the paparazzi. 

The show will be going out at 11.05pm GMT on

(That's 6.05am Hong Kong time, 3.05pm PST and 6.05pm EST - did I get that right? Brain is a little mushed from being up all night)

We're so close to our target now, only $190 to go with 22 hours left to raise it. Yesterday we had so many generous contributions, Andy Rattinger from New York, Jeanie Finlay on her way to the Edinburgh International Film Festival to show her film Sound It Out, Line Langebek AGAIN, Kitty Anderson and an anonymous donor too. 

Kristin McCurrach won both the GFT tickets and the NTS tickets to see Knives in Hens, so she'll be down to see her son, our William, very soon no doubt! 

In the meantime, we're awaiting the render, and trying to stay awake - it's been a long night! 

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