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Thursday, 30 June 2011


 The play is now online! In case you missed it on the 21st, this is your chance to see it again and again and again... We hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011


So out it went! We had over 300 live online viewers and the piece will be available to watch again on from today at 5pm GMT - so if you missed it, please tune in.

We've had some wonderful responses, mostly people were surprised and delighted by the ending, which was what we were going for. If you haven't seen it yet, I won't ruin it for you. But for those who did catch it, if you pick up today's Herald, on page 5 you'll see some of the photos taken by our paparazzi plant, Herald photographer Colin Mearns. Art imitating life imitating art.

If you did see it, we'd love to hear your thoughts - do post comments below.

Meanwhile we'll keep you posted with what happens next.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Tonight's the night - we're so excited to finally share our hard work with you, especially all of you who have been so generous in helping to make this happen. The great news is that we've reached our fundraising target - HOORAY!

Meanwhile the day of Five Minute Theatre has begun. It's streaming and so far tonight there have been some amazing pieces. Please check it out, and don't forget to tune in at 11.05pm for our big moment. I'll be holding my breath until it's all over.


Yesterday was a blast. We started rehearsing at 3pm and shot at 11pm. There happened to be a wedding in the location which added a certain tension to the whole proceedings, and apparently quite a few people thought we really were the paparazzi. 

The show will be going out at 11.05pm GMT on

(That's 6.05am Hong Kong time, 3.05pm PST and 6.05pm EST - did I get that right? Brain is a little mushed from being up all night)

We're so close to our target now, only $190 to go with 22 hours left to raise it. Yesterday we had so many generous contributions, Andy Rattinger from New York, Jeanie Finlay on her way to the Edinburgh International Film Festival to show her film Sound It Out, Line Langebek AGAIN, Kitty Anderson and an anonymous donor too. 

Kristin McCurrach won both the GFT tickets and the NTS tickets to see Knives in Hens, so she'll be down to see her son, our William, very soon no doubt! 

In the meantime, we're awaiting the render, and trying to stay awake - it's been a long night! 

Monday, 20 June 2011


Ladies and gentlemen, today's the day! We've got $270 left to raise, thanks to some mighty generous donations from Stuti Ramachandra and Kristin McCurrach and we think we might get there.

Today's Wedding Favour is two tickets to the NTS' latest show - Knives in Hens. And until noon, we've still got the Blythswood Square Hotel suite left to give away. Cross your fingers for us!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

So many kind donations today - Jana Wright Black, Adam Brannen, Keir Burrows and Sue Brannen - bringing us so much closer to our goal. We've got 59 hours to go now, and $370 to go. SO CLOSE!

We're getting ready now for tomorrow's big day, costumes are set, props standing by, camera battery charging.... We'll keep you posted tomorrow, and don't forget to tune in on Tuesday at 11.05pm. 


We're changing the rules on our Princess Level Perk! The suite is available tomorrow night, after we've performed the play - so we need the room to be claimed ASAP. 

The highest contributor - of at least $50 - who can make it to the hotel for the night, by noon tomorrow (Monday) gets the suite and up to two places in the audience. 

Why not make Monday night the most romantic night of the week? Click here to give


Good morning and a special salute to all the fathers out there - today's your day.

Yesterday belonged to our generous contributor Thomasin Miller who returned for a second contribution. And as she's not a Glaswegian, the GFT tickets are still up for grabs - going to today's first Glasgow contributor.

Today's Wedding Favour is this funky document holder from Emma Bridgewater. A cool Britannia celebration of the royal wedding...  We're shooting tomorrow and have $460 to go, so please do what you can. Thank you! xx

Saturday, 18 June 2011


Covet - except we do we do we do!

Thank you to Covet of Thistle Street in Edinburgh for lending us a gorgeous gorgeous handbag to use as a prop in our production. It's exactly the sort of thing The Duchess of Cambridge would be lucky enough to carry.


Wonderful contributions yesterday from Fi Rennie, Lorna Martin and Storm MacSporran - thank you to all, and a bottle of Hendricks is winging its way to Lorna.

Today's Wedding Favour is a pair of tickets to the fabulous Glasgow Film Theatre (GFT) - and don't forget, these prizes are ON TOP OF the perks listed for your contributions. We've got just over $500 to go... help us get there!

Friday, 17 June 2011


Yesterday's lucky winner Ms. Becky Lloyd walks away with a pair of Filmhouse tickets and a giant box of Tunnock's Caramel Wafers - all for a commoner level contribution! Who needs wedding presents when you have Wedding Favours?

Today's Wedding Favour is a bottle of delicious Hendricks Gin. Perfect when served with tonic and cucumber.

We've got $600 still to raise - please help. 

Thursday, 16 June 2011


On 29th April, a seamstress at The Life Craft on Great Western Road put together a mock-up of THE dress - in just 7 hours... They are lending us this fantastic creation to be a prop in our play. Rock on Life Craft - thank you thank you thank you. 


Huge thanks are owed to Brian Freeman and Thomasin Miller for their generous donations, and hot off the press Alexandra Dickson Leach (our 3rd second timer!).

Today's Wedding Favour is a bumper box of Caramel Wafers courtesy of the kind people at Tunnock. YUM!!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


The kind people at Citylets have come on board our project and are sponsoring the hotel suite for the night. A HUGE thank you to them, and may we suggest you go to them for any of your flat rental needs?


Today's wonderful Wedding Favour is a pair of tickets to Edinburgh's own Filmhouse cinema, on this the opening day of the Edinburgh International Film Festival. They're valid for any screening there until December 2011. A perfect bonus for any Edinburgh contributors! Come on the Reekie! 

Yesterday's Glenfiddich went, after a flurry of contributions, to Tobin Addington. As he's about to have his first child, I think a fine home for it. Marvellous generous donations also from Christine Wilson, Thomasin Miller and Matt Munro Lloyd. Thank you all.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Here they are - our gorgeous cast in their gorgeous costumes, gorgeous make up and gorgeous location - how excited are you about seeing the play now? Try VERY.


Yesterday we all rocked up to the gorgeous Blythswood Square Hotel, in costume, in make-up, ready to meet our press. Colin Mearns from The Herald was there, and took some smashing photos of us all in action. You can see the article with Colin's picture by buying today's Herald, and turning to page 17!

Then at 3 o'clock, some more visitors turned up, reminding everyone why we are Mama Productions.

We walked through the piece with Johnny Barrington, our DP, shooting away. It's all starting to come together - with 6 days till we shoot, that's a massive relief.

We'll share some more pictures from Colin at a later date...


Yesterday's top Tunnock prize went to wonderful bridesmaid level contributors Alex Thiele and Selina Robertson - thank you ladies. We also had generous donations from Tom Gordon, Lucy Robinson (our second, second-time donor!) and Jennifer Westin.

Today we're dizzy with excitement to offer a bottle of Glenfiddich 12-yr-old Single Malt whisky to the top contributor of the day! Start your contributions rolling in....

Sunday, 12 June 2011


Today's Wedding Favour is a huge box of Scotland's delicious marshmallow-y biscuits, Tunnock's Original Teacakes. YUM. Give what you can and you never know, you might be the lucky winner!


People have been so generous, but we're still not yet at the point where we can afford to produce our project. We've got a mere ten days to hit our fundraising target (and beyond!) so as added incentive to contributors, each day we will now be giving a special 'Wedding Favour' to the most generous donor of the day (in addition to the perks they have chosen). Prizes include two tickets to the Filmhouse Cinema in Edinburgh, a bottle of Glenfiddich Single Malt Whisky, boxes of Tunnock's Tea Cakes and Caramel Wafers and many more...

Check this blogspot or our Facebook Page before noon each to find out what the daily Wedding Favour is. GOOD LUCK!

Thursday, 9 June 2011


We have one more Bridesmaid level perk left - this gorgeous Pipe brooch made by the good people at Tatty Devine. Contribute now and accessorize with style.


We asked Hannah and Jordan to practise being Kate and Wills by re-enacting an interview they gave just after they got engaged, but with marbles in their mouths... enjoy.

Thursday, 26 May 2011


I promised I'd keep you posted, and here's the news... We're shooting in the gorgeous, city centre, luxury Blythswood Square Hotel. An amazing building, recently converted from the RSAC - there is a Restaurant where you can dine or have delicious Afternoon Tea, a Salon bar dotted with Grecian pillars, and a Spa to relax.





We will be shooting in one of the suites and the show will take the audience through the Salon bar, down the stunning staircase, and through the foyer to the entrance of the hotel.


We are thrilled to introduce you to our cast members, who will be working with us to create this five-minute extravaganza... We feel incredibly lucky to have them all on board.

Kate Middleton will be played by Hannah Day

 William of Windsor will be played by Jordan McCurrach

The Waiter will be played by Robbie Mack


It's been awhile since I updated you, but the amazing news is that we're now at $2,230 with 27 days to reach our $3,500 target. We have so many people to thank for this - Roanne Dods, Ingvild Paulsen, Rebecca Kenyon, Claire Thom, Adam Brannen, Joanna Dickson Leach, Hugh Ellison, Dinty Dickson Leach, Andrea Gibb, Clare Kerr, Kate Struthers, Shona Thomson, Lizzie Francke and Rachel Robey! The notion of 'crowd'funding is really starting to take shape now that we have a veritable crowd on board. We feel so lucky to be so supported by our friends and family. Thank you all.

Shona was our first 'Paparazzi' level supporter - which means she will be one of the 10 members of the audience on the 20th June. And Lizzie is one of our 'Bridesmaids' - and so the lucky recipient of a piece of Tatty Devine jewelry kindly donated by the company. 

Other incentives include an on-the-night paparazzi-style photo by Chief Photographer of the Herald - Colin Mearns, a Royal Cupcake, and a DVD of the show. And the prize for one donor is a night in a SUITE at the luxury Blythswood Square Hotel - our glamorous city centre location! Stay tuned for more exciting additions as we get closer to our deadline.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


A fantastic end to a grey Tuesday night, we've just hit a thousand dollars in contributions. This all thanks to the kind generosity of the lovely Line Langebek, the perfect Per Eitzen, the jolly old Jonathan Carr, the secret superbity of an anonymous donor, the joint marvellousness of Rohan Gunatillake and Lucy Robinson, the elegant stylings of Sandra Hutton and the magnificence of one Melissa Mobley!

In other news auditions are being scheduled, the script is almost there, and we're still holding our breath for news of our location. We'll shout about it as soon as it's locked down.

Thanks to everyone for your support and please keep sending people our way - we may be $1000 down, but we've still got $2,500 to go.

Thursday, 5 May 2011


Phil Miller, Fiona Rennie, Emily Shovelton and Sue Brannen are added to our list of those to whom we would swim the channel for - thank you all for your fine contributions! We promise to do you proud.


And the contributions continue... Deborah Haywood, the brilliantly talented writer and director behind Sis and other great shorts, and Crete and Chips Wood - great friends who've known me since before I was born - have all made generous donations to our project. Thank you all xx


We've had our first contribution - from the marvellous Goulston family in Hong Kong - proud family of four about to become five. Pete is one of my oldest friends and fiercest supporters. I can't wait to see them all when we come to HK in December. Thank you thank you and a big royal wave over the ocean!


You can be involved with the play - have a look at our fundraising page to see how you can win a place in the audience, or get a piece of the action to frame for posterity!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


We're looking for someone to help us out with this exciting theatre/film hybrid production. As Mama Productions is such a small outfit you'd be involved with every little detail of what we do, and would have a chance to learn not only about putting on a piece of theatre/film, but also about crowdfunding and sponsorship.

This is an internship position. 

Interested parties, please send resumes to:

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Wednesday, 27 April 2011


We're looking for actors to play three parts - here are the details of each character:
1. Prince William - late 20s, white, balding, posh and a bit witless - but bursting with charm. You will need to be able to think on your feet, and react to the attentions of the press in character. You should also look like the real deal.
2. Kate Middleton - late 20s, white, bubbly brunette, though perhaps a bit vanilla, you will also need to be able to think on your feet and react to the attentions of the press in character. You will need to look just like our new princess.
3. The Waiter - A man with a plan. Dark hair, swarthy,  race open - possibly South East Asian or of Arab descent, fit, healthy and speedy. 20s - early 40s.

There will be two rehearsals, a walk-through of the location and a costume/make-up fitting, as well as an all-day commitment on the 21st June. Each actor will be paid £100 for their work.

If you think you're right for one of these parts, please send your headshot and resume to


Prince William and his new bride Kate have had a long day, and all they want is a bit of peace to celebrate their wedding night – alone. But when the paparazzi slip under the noses of their bodyguards and start banging on their hotel door, the knot the couple have just tied begins to fray. With the assistance of a hotel waiter, they seek escape through the hotel, desperate to shake the flashes and cries of the press. But can this waiter be trusted to look after the newly married couple, or does he too want a piece of the action?


Hope Dickson Leach – Writer/Director
Hope completed her MFA in filmmaking at Columbia University in New York, where she made three short films that played at festivals worldwide including Sundance, Edinburgh, Austin, London and many more. While in New York she was assistant to Todd Solondz on his film PALINDROMES. Hope’s thesis film, THE DAWN CHORUS, won awards and the attention of Screen International where she was made a Star of Tomorrow upon her return to London in 2007. She was also named one of the ’25 New Faces of Independent Film’ by Moviemaker Magazine. In 2008, as well as a Coming Up film, PARLIAMO GLASGOW, nominated for a BAFTA Scotland New Talent Award, she directed a series of 3 Minute Wonders for Channel 4, and MORNING ECHO, a Pulse Plus short film starring Kerry Fox – which has played at festivals all over the world, winning an award at the London Short Film Festival. She is currently developing her debut feature ENGLISH ROSE, a story about a teenage girl who hates Princess Diana, following a grant from the UK Film Council's development fund. 
Hope is represented by Elinor Burns at Casarotto, Ramsay & Associates

Rosie Ellison - Producer
Rosie has 15 years in the film & TV sector in Scotland with experience ranging from production to exhibition. As development producer and researcher for Saltire Films, Rosie oversaw the development and production of several factual programmes for BBC Scotland including Beyond The Fringe – Richard Demarco and Three Lives of William Wallace. For the last 5 years Rosie has been with Edinburgh Film Focus, the film commission for Edinburgh, Lothians and Scottish Borders where she works to match film and TV productions with locations, crew and services in the area. She also coordinates delegations of producers at international film markets, helping producers create international finance strategies for their slate.

Rosie and Hope have recently given birth to two little boys - Fred and Frank.